About Us

With Indiana ranked among the top 10 states in the country for number of and economic impact of horses, and Hamilton County being one of the top counties in the state for horses, it makes sense that horse owners in the area have a lot of options when it comes to hoof care. So why should you choose Dixie’s Farrier Service to care for your horse? 


At Dixie’s Farrier Service, we do not only care about your horse but you as well. We are constantly praying for our clients and not only want to be there for you and support you in all of your hoof care needs but in the rest of life as well. 

Quality Work

First, we are committed to quality work. While we strive to be efficient, there are never shortcuts. If it means pulling a shoe off after it has been nailed on because it was not quite right, then that is what we will do. When we are done, the job will be done right. Part of the commitment to quality includes hot-fitting horses when we shoe. By heating the shoes, we are able to shape the shoe more precisely than trying to bend cold hard steel. Once the shoes are shaped, we then hot fit the shoes to the hoof. This allows a precise fit as well as kills any bacteria or fungus that is present on the bottom of the foot. Another aspect that sets apart our quality of work is that we are able to hand make shoes for the horse. There are many good, quality machine made shoes on the market now, and we sometimes use them when appropriate; however, when a horse needs something a standard machine made shoe can not provide, we are able to build a shoe to exactly meet the horse’s needs. 

Education Focused

We strive to keep up to date on the latest science and techniques in hoof care for our own knowledge in caring for your horse. This means our team has hundreds of hours of continuing education every year and are constantly pursuing the next certification available.

We are also committed to educating our clients. By taking an extra moment to answer questions or educate clients on why we do what we do, we will only serve to increase the quality of care that the horse receives. Included in our commitment to education is a commitment to educate not only individual clients but also groups. We are delighted to come speak about hoof care to any group. 


Not only do we keep up on education in hoof care but in horsemanship as well. We are able to work quietly and gently with nearly any horse because of experience in training and handling a variety of horses over the past two decades. If we find that a horse is too dangerous to be taken care of, we will stop work until the problem can be resolved. 


Keeping horses on a good maintenance schedule is extremely important to hoof health. As research and our experience has shown a 4-6 week schedule for regular hoof care is ideal. As we are committed to best taking care of your horses we do schedule all horses at 4-5 weeks so they can be at their best for you when you need them.

Your time and convenience is also important to us. In order to better serve you we try to set the next appointment as soon as we are done working on your horse. If you use the calendar on your phone ask about appointment invitations. You’ll never have to write down an appointment time again. Appointment reminders are sent out every Monday, choose from text or email reminders.  


We are flexible with payment options accepting cash, checks, credit cards, direct deposits, and PayPal. Receipts can be emailed or texted to you.


We work closely with local vets to insure that your horse has the best care possible. We also have a good working relationship with most of the top farriers in the area so if there is something we are not able to do, we can probably help you find someone who can.