Dixie’s Farrier Service was founded by Cody Bogard. Cody worked as a barn manager and trainer at multiple barns when Dion O’Brien, a highly skilled and respected farrier, began​ teaching him about anatomy and hoof care while taking care of the horses at one of the barns. Cody’s love of anatomy and science led him to take a great interest in the complexity of the equine foot. When Dion suggested going to school to learn the basics of hoof care, it was the start of a journey that will hopefully last a long time. 

At the time of that suggestion, Cody had just stepped out of college where God had closed some doors and was wondering where to go next. Having a heart for helping people and especially for giving the hope that can only come from Christ, shoeing seemed to be a perfect fit. The enjoyment of and experience with horses coupled with the opportunity to spend time with various people on a semi-regular basis all combined to push Cody towards going to school. 

Cody attended Heartland Horseshoeing School owned by Chris Gregory CJF FWCF and received a great start to his education. Coming back from school, Cody continued to learn by working with various farriers in Indiana and attending every continuing education event he could. Dixie’s Farrier Service was founded on the ideal of education being key in being able to provide the best quality work possible. 

In 2013, Cody made the decision to put growing the company on hold while he worked with Agape Therapeutic Riding Resources as the equine trainer and an instructor. In 2017, a decision was made to come back to solely focusing on growing Dixie’s Farrier Service to better serve clients. That same year Kia Apple joined the team to help with marketing and has become an integral part of the company. Over the past decade Cody has attended thousands of hours of continuing education and completed his exams to become a Certified Journeyman Farrier through the American Farriers Association as well as be the second person in indiana to receive the AFA Therapeutic Endorsement. In 2023 Cody was selected by the AFA to go to the UK to study with the top farriers in the world as part of the Edward Martian Cultural Exchange