Dixie’s Farrier Service offers a full range of hoof care options for your horse from maintenance trimming and shoeing to specialty shoes for both specific disciplines and therapeutic purposes.


The most vital part of hoof care is the trim. By keeping a horse on an appropriate schedule, we are able to properly balance the hoof as well as keep distortion to a minimum. At Dixie’s, we are able to properly maintain your horse’s feet whether they are barefoot, shod or if you occasionally use boots.


For some horses, it is just not possible to remain barefoot. Whether because of conformation, hoof quality, or simply the job the horse has. When a horse is unable to remain barefoot we are able to use a shoe to enhance the trim that we have already done.  A shoe must fit properly with the correct amount of expansion and extension for each individual hoof in order to provide the most benefit. We use handmade shoes for most horses, while also using some of the nicer machine made shoes for others. Any modifications necessary can be done to make each shoe just right for the individual horse. Shoes are heated to be shaped so that the proper shape of the shoe can be achieved. Shoes are hot fit to provide the best fit possible between the shoe and the foot as well as kill any bacteria and fungus that are present on the foot at the time of trimming.


If your 4-H, Pony Club, or any other group wants a lecture or demonstration we would be happy to help. We have several powerpoint presentations already prepared including a basic introduction to hoof care, what a farrier does, and hoof care for horses in EAAT. Presentations can also be customized to your group. Education events are provided at no charge to the group.

Pre-Purchase Consultation

For regular clients that are looking at purchasing a new horse, we are happy to look at the horse from a hoof care perspective. Trip charges may apply. 

Show Farrier

We are available to serve as the on-site farrier for a variety of shows. 

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