Cody Bogard CJF APF: Owner/Farrier

I grew up around horses, spending hours observing, riding, and playing with them. Before studying to become a farrier, I worked as a barn manager and trainer. The prior experience allows me to work patiently with your horse, and to know what your horse needs from the standpoint of both a farrier and rider.

I graduated from the Heartland Horseshoeing School Journeyman course in 2008. I am a Certified Journeyman Farrier (CJF) with the American Farrier’s Association and an Accredited Professional Farrier (APF) with the American Association of Professional Farriers. I am also a member of the Indiana Farriers’ Association. 

Achievements – 2010 High Point winner Indiana Farriers Association shoeing contest.

Other interests of mine include camping, hiking, and working in the forge.

My Approach to Farrier Work:

I am committed to you and your horse. It is through the intentional ideals we hold at Dixie’s Farrier Service that I am able to provide quality work. First is education. Understanding anatomy is essential; a horse’s hoof and limb are complex and intricate. I understand that everything I do with the feet of your horse affects the rest of their body and their body affects the feet. From cellular structure to conformation to nutrition, I am continually learning for you. Whether it is attending a week long conference on hoof care, studying anatomy models and textbooks in the office, or simply surrounding myself with other farriers that have more education and experience, I am committed to learning more all the time.

Second, properly implementing the knowledge I have acquired. While I stay up-to-date and well educated on all the latest advancements in hoof care, usually the best results are produced from keeping things simple. At the same time, I maintain a vast “toolbox” of skills and ideas.

The trim is the most important part of what I do. I am constantly working to improve the balance, both static and dynamic, of your horse’s feet, as well as reducing flares and distortion. Vital as the trimming is, it can only do so much. The ability to protect and enhance your horse’s natural foot with a shoe is also crucial. Machine made shoes can be nice, but it does not compare to hand forged shoes specifically made for your horse and their ability to meet different needs. I am committed to always doing the best job that I can for your horse.

Kia Apple: Director of Social Media/Marketing

My love for horses has spanned almost my entire life. I have experience with horses from riding lessons and various job positions, but am always in awe as I learn more about them.

I joined Dixie’s Farrier Service at the beginning of 2017 and immediately grew to love their mission and passion. I have learned so much from this job and am continually learning to best serve our clients and horses. I cannot contain my excitement for what is to come for this wonderful company.

Other things I enjoy are photography, volunteering, and being a therapeutic riding instructor.