Base Price                       Service

$60                                                    4 feet trim

$200                                                  basic shoeing/resetting 4 feet

$150                                                  basic shoeing/resetting 2 feet – trim 2 feet

$100                                                  draft horse trim

Basic shoes will be provided at no additional charge and will be replaced as wear indicates. 

$25 per shoe                                   flat pads

$25 per shoe                                   pour pads

$10 per shoe                                   drill and tap for studs

$20 per shoe                                   bar shoes

$ according to time, difficulty, and cost of materials                                           specialty shoes/forge work (aluminium, size 4 and larger shoes, etc.)

Farm Call

$                                                       Based on distance and time from shop

(Please contact us for a complete quote)

$0                                                      lectures/demonstrations (hoof care, anatomy, etc.)

Please call or email for complete listing.

Effective 8/11/2021