Boundaries as an Entrepreneur

As we look back on the anniversary of the founding of Dixie’s Farrier Service, the past 10 years have gone by extremely fast. With that in mind, it is easy to get swept up in the daily routine of running a business, which is why setting boundaries is vital.  

For many of us, boundaries can be difficult. As entrepreneurs or small business owners (or really anyone), it can be tempting to pour everything we have into our company to make it work, especially in the beginning. We are tempted to work long hours for little pay and sacrifice much in order to succeed.

In thinking about what boundaries to set we must keep in mind not just the number of hours we work each week, which is a very important boundary to set, but also where and when we work. It is crucial to draw a line between time for work and time for home. Below are a few suggestions for setting boundaries.

  • If possible, set hours for work and stick to them. Don’t answer calls, respond to emails, or work on projects outside of work hours.
  • Set aside work time for paperwork. As a farrier, it is tempting to schedule all of our business hours for shoeing horses, however there is much more that needs to be done for the business as well.
  • Set aside not only time, but also a place. Resist the urge to work at the dining room table, leave work at work and don’t bring it into the home. This includes if you use a home office, leave work in that one dedicated space.
  • Resist the temptation to let company finances and personal finances blur. Keep separate accounts and make sure the company pays you a regular wage.  
  • When you are outside of work hours, don’t let work bleed into family life. Focus on the part of life you are in and be fully present with those around you.

Hopefully some of these tips help as you navigate the tricky waters of running a small business.