Cody Bogard

HISA Rules for Shoeing

Recently new rules for how Thoroughbred race horses are shod have been released causing an uproar in the racing and shoeing communities. The Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA), operating under the authority of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), brought out several new rules related to racing, including limiting what horseshoes are allowed to be …

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The Pursuit of More

One of the many things I love about this trade is that there is always more to learn. While a person could always assume that they know much while knowing little, this profession has the opportunity for a boundless amount of learning. DFS is built on the foundation of education, this year is no exception. …

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The Hoof Book

For this month we are back to our book review series, this time the book is for horse owners rather than farriers. Heather Beauchemin CJF TE has just published the best book on hoof care for horse owners I have ever read. Heather is a Certified Journeyman Farrier with her Therapeutic Endorsement and works in …

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Therapeutic Endorsement

This November I attempted and passed the Therapeutic Endorsement at the American Farriers Association (AFA) annual convention. The TE is one of three possible endorsements or add ons to the Journeyman (CJF).


Farrier Industry Price Increases

We have seen prices rise anywhere from 10%-300% in the past year to year and a half. Some of the shoes I like to use have been on backorder for 6 months, the glue that we use had to change how it is packaged because the company couldn’t source the normal containers, steel that we hand make shoes from has more than doubled in price and is increasingly difficult to find.

2020 is over!

2020 was a hard year for the vast majority of us, and I believe most of us are hoping 2021 will be better. Many of us, including our company, have been affected by the pandemic directly through a change or loss of work or at least a change in routine. While the new year will …

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Working Wounded

Unfortunately near the end of November I ended up with a laceration on my hand that made it so I couldn’t swing a hammer or use the hand to squeeze at all. Something like this really makes you stop and appreciate how much we take for granted in being able to do daily tasks. Since …

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IFA Fall Clinic 2020

While most of our work at DFS is based around traditional trimming and shoeing techniques on sound horses, most especially english sport horses, there are times that we need to work on horses with extra special needs due to some type of pathology. When these needs arise it is imperative that we have the education …

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