Gregory’s Textbook of Farriery

The last two books we have looked at are of historical significance but are not up to date for the modern farrier. Today’s book however is one that should be at the very beginning of everyone’s library. Published in 2011, Gregory’s Textbook of Farriery by Chris Gregory CJF FWCF is widely used as the primary textbook at many farrier schools across the country. As we consider what books to include in our library this should make the top of the list as one of the first books to obtain. Written in an easy to read style with lots of color pictures and drawings, this book covers most of what a student/apprentice will need to learn in the first year or two of education.


This is the first book I would recommend to someone obtaining if they are serious about becoming a farrier, as such, it gets a place at the top of the list. It walks the reader through the basics of each category that a farrier should understand in an order that is extremely important. Starting with an introduction to the craft and the tools we use, Chris quickly moves on to anatomy. With discussions on the foot, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, vascular and nerve supply as well as an introduction to biomechanics, the anatomy section gives a good basis for all that follows in the book. Chapter 36 begins the section on forging. The step by step pictures, practical exercises, and the completeness of the list of skills is perfect for any beginner and a good reminder or reference section for the seasoned farrier. The pathology section is structured well with each pathology broken down by Chris’s acronym DRASTA (Definition, Reason, Anatomy, Symptoms, Treatment, Anticipated outcome). Memorizing and understanding each pathology with this or a similar acronym will help the student to be sure not to miss any important information on an exam or when thinking through a case. The book finishes with helpful tips on business and further education and certification. 

Relevance to certification

Gregory’s is one of the primary texts for the American Farrier’s Association CF and CJF exams, it is also on the reading lists for the AFA Therapeutic Endorsement and the Worshipful Company of Farriers booklist. For the AFA, CF, and CJF this should be the primary book to study though it would be best to go through every book on the lists.