International Hoof-Care Summit 2018

This blog was started one year ago with a post about the International Hoof-Care Summit that is held in Cincinnati, Ohio each year. Once again I just returned from that conference. It was another year of good lectures, conversations, and time spent in the trade show.


This year there were lectures on various research projects going on around the world dealing with topics such as development in foals, the effect of movement on the vascular supply in the foot, dealing with a negative palmar angle, and the effect of impact vibrations on the hoof. Some of the research presented is still at a stage of being interesting but does not yet have a practical application. Other presentations presented new ideas and ways of looking at or treating an issue, while some confirmed with research what I have already thought for some time.  


I was also excited that there was finally a lecture on business practices. Here in the United States, most farriers make the mistake of forgetting that they are running (or should be running) a business. As with any small business, there is far more to do and think about than simply the job that the customers see. There are also far more costs associated with running a business than many think about. As the owner of a small business, I am eager to see others in this industry getting on the same page and starting to think about these things.


The trade show was composed of several interesting vendors and products this year. One of the highlights was also the three associations that were present, the American Farriers Association (AFA), the American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF) and the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America (ABANA). I am currently a member of both the AFA and AAPF so stopping by their booths involves paying renewal dues and finding out about any new programs and benefits. This year at the AAPF booth, I picked up the testing packet for their foundation credential which you can read more about here. I had the opportunity to meet the president of ABANA and become a member of their organization as well. Be looking for our online store to launch soon with new ornamental ironwork.


As always, Dixie’s Farrier Service is committed to education so that we can provide the best care possible for your horse, and it is events like the International Hoof-Care Summit that make that commitment possible.